Monday, May 14, 2012

Earth Day 2012: Planting Joy in the Community

Animal World USA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis, John Buckman Club, celebrated  Earth Day with a fun-filled festival  on Thursday afternoon, April 19th featuring the loving West Tennessee Therapy Dogs, a healthy eating booth with Memphis Food Awareness, live music from Richard Lewis and delicious fruit and beverages. 

On that beautiful perfect spring day we planted flowers, veggies, a Japanese Maple tree and hung a colorful red bird feeder.  It was fun, and we learned a lot about what it takes to use a tiller and to plant according to where each of the plants need the sun most. The birds really enjoy their bird feeder!

Richard Lewis, former school teacher and very talented professional musician, who plays  at festivals taught the youth how to play the guitar and sing songs. He is an amazing teacher and talent. He made us laugh and was a highlight of the day.

Our gift bags included  Eco Squad workbooks, educational animal books, Warner Brothers 'To the Arctic 3D' IMAX movie posters and 'The Lucky One' shirts, and very cool writing pads. We also shared tips for helping our pets be happy & healthy. 

West Tennessee Therapy Dogs Tiva and Kicker showed their special love and brought smiles the entire afternoon. They really helped us to realize how important it is to have our unconditionally loving animals around us in whatever we are doing. Their love brought us closer together in realizing that Earth Day includes cherishing and protecting all of the wondrous creation of our amazing planet. 
Thanks to the Boys  & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis youth and directors Tyronne Drakeford and Stephen Davis! We love you all and are so grateful to you for your friendship and inspiration. You bring such happiness to our lives and to the community.

Special thanks to Amerispan Tents, Bartlett Nursery, Superlo Foods, Wild Birds Unlimited,  Warner Brothers Movies and to all those who contributed to make this a day never to be forgotten! We are forever grateful to you.

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