Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd Annual Africa Week for the Animals Coming August 1-14, 2011!

Animal World USA-International is pleased to announce that the 2nd Africa Weeks for the Animals is scheduled for August 1-14, 2011. The special weeks will highlight the importance that African animals play in our world and bring communities together on behalf of the amazing animals. The wonderfully humane leaders and young people in Africa will be highlighted along with the African organizations that help the animals.

The Africa Weeks are designed to celebrate and build awareness on behalf of African animals and efforts being made to save them from the challenges they face, including many species from extinction. Africa Weeks for the Animals is bringing together advocates, educators, humane organizations, sanctuaries, students, community leaders, and caring citizens in two important weeks of activities.

The weeks will feature festivals, fundraiser events, educational activities, animal watching/walking tours, blessings of the animals, low cost vaccination/spay and neuter opportunities, young people creating art and essays about wildlife, conservation initiatives, vegetarian festivals and more! African organizations will be spotlighted to help bring attention their needs in caring for the incredible animals they work with everyday. The Africa Weeks for Animals is a unique opportunity to help the African animals by all of us collectively coming together on their behalf.

Precious lives will be saved and important relationships built during the weeks. If you would like to learn more or become involved please call 877-454-0807 or visit the official website at You may also learn more about the AWUSA-International Weeks campaign at

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