Friday, December 17, 2010

1st India Weeks for the Animals Coming 14-31 January 2011!

(Washington, DC) Animal World USA-International is excited to announce the 1st India Weeks for the Animals will be held 14-31 January 2011. These special weeks, which will highlight the importance that animals play in all our lives, will also underscore the work being done for the animals throughout the country of India and provide a platform on ways we can help them.

This series of events in India is designed to celebrate the people and animals, as well as recognize the monumental, life-saving work being done in India. 1st India Weeks for the Animals will bring together sanctuaries, rescue organizations, businesses, students, musicians, artists, educators, community leaders, and caring citizens in exciting awareness-building and animal protection activities.

The weeks will feature sanctuary fundraisers, low cost spay and neuter/vaccination events, adoption programs, conferences, vegetarian events, volunteer activities with animals, wildlife events, musical events and so much more! All these events will shine the spotlight on the amazing animals and compassionate people of India who love them.

New relationships will be built with the variety of animal-related activities and events. Together we we can help shine the spotlight on the gracious people of India, precious animals and build wonderful new lifelong friendships during this time.

If you would like to learn more, be involved or schedule an event(s) or fundraiser, please visit the official website at

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This is going to be such an exciting event!