Monday, June 8, 2009

1st Kentucky Week for the Animals To Be Celebrated June 27th through July 5, 2009!

(Frankfort, KY) Animal World USA is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Kentucky Week for the Animals will kick off Saturday, June 27th and run through Sunday, July 5th, 2009. The statewide celebration is designed to celebrate and recognize the unique and life-changing role that animals play in the lives of citizens through all walks of life. The week will bring underscore community spirit as people come together on behalf of the animals across the entire Bluegrass state, that has given us a love and appreciation of horses unlike any other state in our great union.

Beginning on the kick-off day of Saturday, June 27,2009 Kentucky Week for the Animals will be bringing together educators, animal shelters, humane organizations, zoos, sanctuaries, restaurants, businesses, students, musicians, artists, community leaders, decision makers and caring citizens in an action-packed compassionate week of community activities for the animals in an unprecedented manner!

This extraordinary week will feature The John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair in Lexington, Church of the Advent Animal Food Bank Pet Food Donation Drive in Louisville, a multitude of awesome fun-filled pet adoption events, feedings for the farm animals, festivals and blessings of the animals, free and low cost spay/neuter opportunities, activities to help the feral cats, unique ways to help the horses, student activities, library animal storytelling events, free vaccinations, a salute to the military and so much more!

Dogs Deserve Better is celebrating their annual Chain Off:Freedom for Chained Dogs campaign during this time so we will be building awareness for chained dogs during the week in unique fashion. Every kind of event imaginable is being planned, and we need everyone to share with our Kentucky friends about the amazing week approaching for Kentucky animals!

Please note that Kentucky was hit exceptionally hard by a storm earlier this year. With everyone coming together for the week, the Kentucky people and animals can know further that they are very much loved and supported as they are still facing enormous challenges. The spotlight will shine on the amazing animals and compassionate people across Kentucky who love them and work tirelessly on their behalf--much of the time with limited resources.

Precious lives will be saved and communities transformed during this incredible week. The 1st Kentucky Week for the Animals will build new relationships for the animals and people in a history-making manner. Visit the official website for complete contact and event information at
Please call 877-454-0807 or 866-376-6123 for more information.


Anonymous said...

Like every important day is celebrated for a specific reason, similarly animal day is celebrated all over the world.


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Unknown said...

I 2 love Animals but dont know when is Animal Day is celebrated.
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Unknown said...

In todays context there should be a slogan (each 1 plant 1,each 1 PET 1).
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Unknown said...

If U cant pet an animal pls. dont even prison a animal.

Unknown said...

My favourite animal is DOG & bird's ALL but I hate rat's the most b-coz they spoil UR cloths.

Unknown said...

Animals day celebrated but can U pls. guide me weather there is any day celebrated for those who lives under water


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